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Sunday, March 26

The Palestinian Detainee Al-Amour Faces Escalating Risks to His Health

S.K | DOP -

The Palestinian Prisoners Club stated Monday, March 13, 2023 that the Palestinian prisoner, Riyad al-Amour (53) from occupied Bethlehem, who has been detained since 2002 and has been sentenced to life imprisonment 11 times and who suffers from chronic heart problems, faces escalating risks to his health.

The Club also confirmed that the prisoner Al-Amour was, and still is, subjected to a long and intense series of deliberate medical negligence, which extends from the first years of his detention and has been waiting for more than ten years to change his pacemaker, Which was done only about nine months ago protruding from his body. Noting that this in turn doubled his suffering, and according to the doctors, he needs a new operation.

In 2010, the Palestinian prisoner Al-Amour underwent an open-heart operation, but it became clear again that he needed a new operation as doctors confirmed that he needed an operation as soon as possible, otherwise there would be great risks to his life.
Al-Amor was detained several times, persecuted and later faced a harsh and long interrogation, during which he faced severe torture from the Israeli prison administration until he lost hearing in one of his ears. He also lost his parents during his detention and the occupation prevented him from bidding farewell to them.

The prisoner Al-Amor is among about (35) Palestinian prisoners in (Ashkelon) Israeli prison, including (17) prisoners suffering health problems, the most prominent of whom are: Walid Daqqa, Muwafaq Arouq, Fouad Al-Shobaki, who is the oldest among them, Othman Abu Kharj, Muhammad Ibrash, and Yasser Rabaya.