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Wednesday, March 22

Israeli settlers try to storm school, terrorize students

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Days of Palestine – Tubas

A group of Israeli settlers Thursday morning stormed Khirbet Ibziq in the northern Jordan Valley and tried to storm the school.

Local sources reported that a group of settlers stormed the vicinity of Al-Tahadi School in Khirbet Ibziq, under the protection of the Israeli occupation forces.

The sources pointed out that dozens of settlers, accompanied by their own guard, wandered near Al-Tahadi School, and wanted to storm it, which caused a state of terror among the students.

About two years ago, a school was established to relieve students from the trouble of traveling to distant schools, especially in light of the occupation’s closure of Khirbet Ibziq many times for the purpose of conducting military maneuvers in the area.

The village students were required to walk or ride animals, a distance of more than 18 km, to attend schools in the nearby town of “Aqaba” or the neighboring village of “Raba”.

Khirbet Ibziq, in the northern Jordan Valley, faces the occupation’s plans to displace its inhabitants, restrict their lives and pursue them, in addition to the ongoing military drills of the Israeli occupation forces between their tents that threaten their lives.

In addition to the continuous violations of the Israeli occupation forces in Khirbet Ibziq, which are threatened with displacement and annexation within the Jordan Valley, the occupation deprives its inhabitants of all basic and simple necessities of life and steals all their vital properties that enhance the steadfastness of its people and residents.

Khirbet Ibziq, located northeast of the city of Tubas, and its population is about 180 people, the majority of whom are nomadic “Bedouins” searching for pastures and water.

The Israeli occupation forces confiscated part of Khirbet Ibziq's lands and established sections of the Apartheid Wall on another part.

Like the rest of the Jordan Valley, it is exposed to continuous raids by the Israeli occupation, and every time a raid is carried out, the occupation authorities distribute new demolition notices to its residents.

Khirbet Ibziq is considered one of the Palestinian villages under threat if the occupation authorities implement their threats to annex the valleys and settlements.