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Tuesday, March 21

Israel deliberately neglecting medical condition of Palestinian prisoner

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The Prisoners and Executives Affairs Authority said today, Thursday, that the Israeli administration of "Eshel" prison has delayed providing the necessary treatment for prisoner Sharhabeel Abu Dariea (49 years) from the town of Al-Eizariya in Jerusalem, who is sentenced to administrative imprisonment.

The authority stated in a statement that the prisoner Abu Dariea suffers from several chronic diseases, as he complains of the weakness of the heart muscle, as the muscle is working at a rate of 2% and he is in urgent need of an operation to install a pacemaker.

Abu Dariea also complains of high blood pressure and the presence of water on the lungs, and he suffers from gout and kidney laziness, in addition to his suffering from discs in his back and neck, sand and deposits in urine, and high cholesterol in the blood.

It indicated that the prison administration does not care about his condition, and is content with giving him painkillers and procrastinating in monitoring his difficult health conditions, noting that his health condition calls for the necessity of performing a catheterization surgery for him and installing a device to regulate the heart rate as soon as possible.