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Sunday, March 26

Hamas issues a statement regarding its national list with Fatah

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Hossam Badran, a member of the political bureau of Hamas, stated about the statements being circulated about the (National List) duality between Hamas and Fatah in the upcoming Palestinian elections.

Badran said on Friday that the list that Hamas is calling for is a broad national list that includes a wide spectrum of our people and its factions, in a way that serves the interest of our people and restores their cooperation, and restores the national project with the participation of all Palestinians.

He added: "Our doors, our minds and our hearts are open to everyone who has an opinion regarding the national alliances for the elections, and that the success of the national list does not mean that any Palestinian party is deprived of its right to run and run in the elections, and that what was stipulated in the honor charter in Cairo 
confirmed once again that the elections will be conducted fairly."

He affirmed that his movement continues efforts to ensure that the elections reflect a bright image of our people and their civilized identity, and to restore Palestinian political life under the Legislative Council, which strengthens the Palestinian institutions, and opens the way for a practical and serious discussion of a stage of joint national action entitled liberation, establishing the state and realizing the rights of our people."