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Sunday, March 26

Israeli forces arrest young man and child in Jenin

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Days of Palestine – Jenin

Last night, the Israeli occupation forces arrested a young man from Burqin, south of Jenin, and detained a child, and seized surveillance camera recordings in the village of Tura, in the south.

Local sources stated that the Israeli occupation forces arrested the 19-year-old young Kamal Nasser Abbas, from Burqin, at a surprise military checkpoint near the "Hermesh" settlement, which was forcibly established on the lands of the town of Ya'bad.

They added that the Israeli occupation forces stormed the village of Tura, and detained the child, Yasser Radwan, for hours, and interrogated him, while they seized surveillance cameras for a number of citizens of the Qabha family.

Israeli forces also stormed the village of Zobuba, to the west, and launched a sweeping campaign, and intensified their military presence in villages northeast of Jenin.