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Saturday, February 4

A US medical team to remove a bullet shot by Israel from an infant’s head in Nablus

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Days Of Palestine – Nablus

A medical team succeeded removing a bullet by Israel from the head of infant (7 months) at the Rafidya Governmental Hospital in Nablus, north of the occupied West Bank.

The health ministry said in a press statement on Friday that a US medical team had operated on the infant successfully and the infant was taken home.

Health Minister Mai Al-Keila praised the efforts of the American medical team and the Palestine Children's Relief Society stressing that the arrival of these delegations to Palestine is proof that our cause remains a priority for the peoples of the world.

She also added that the great cooperation between the Ministry and the Palestine Children's Relief Society has contributed to the invitation of hundreds of distinguished delegations who have conducted quality operations in our hospitals, which has enhanced the exchange of experience between our cadres and international delegations.

The infant girl, who was in her mother’s arms at the time,  was shot in the head after Israeli soldiers opened fire near their house in the village of Mazra'a, northwest of Ramallah and spent three weeks in intensive care unit.

The American medical team specializes in neurosurgery and was hosted by the Ministry of Health through cooperation with the Palestine Children Relief Society.

The American team, led by neurosurgeons Dr. Aaron Robison, Dr. Ahmed Khalidi and their team from the Loma Linda Children's Hospital, conducted the complicated two hour operation on the infant at Rafidia Hospital.

The ministry explained that seven medical delegations specializing in various fields, including 16 doctors and specialists and nurses are currently working during the month of June in the public hospitals in the West Bank.

The ministry pointed out that it annually receives in its hospitals in the West Bank and Gaza Strip more than 150 medical teams in different specializations and from different countries around the world.