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Monday, February 6

Israeli Rabbi Blames Gay Parliament Speaker for 2021 Crush

B.M | DOP -

An Israeli rabbi blamed on Saturday the newly appointed parliament speaker Amir Yohana for the 2021 crush, describing him as “infected with disease”.

During an online lecture, Meir Mazuz, who has close links to figures in the Israeli government, blamed Amir Yohana for the 2021 crash during which 45 Israeli settlers were killed.

Yohana, the first Israeli openly gay minister, was newly appointed as a parliament speaker in Netanyahu’s new government.

As a rabbi who is well known for his criticism, Mazuz repeatedly criticized Israeli leaders and the political situation of the Israeli government.

Earlier in 2022, Mazus described the Israeli former prime minister Yair Lapid and lawmaker Avigdor Lieberman as “worse than Nazis” over their support to the changes in the religious status quo.

In 2022, Mazuz stated that the outbreak of COVID-19 was divine punishment for gay pride parades. He also described the ones who took part in the parade as beasts.

The newly approved Israeli government led by Benjamin Natenyahu was seen as the most ultra-right-wing government in Israel’s history.