Days of Palestine

Wednesday, May 31

Israeli Occupation Closes Entrance to Beit Ainun in Hebron with Cement Blocks

Israeli occupation close road in West Bank
M.S | DOP -

The Israeli occupation forces closed on Monday, September 5, the entrance to the Palestinian village of Beit Anun, east of Hebron, with cement blocks.

Local sources said that the occupation forces closed the entrance to the village, in preparation for setting up an Israeli military checkpoint to check Palestinians leaving and entering through the entrance towards the city of Hebron.

This came after the murder of the Palestinian young man, Fadi Ghattas, 19, from Bethlehem, by the occupation forces three days ago in front of the entrance.

Yesterday night, the Israeli occupation forces closed the iron gate leading to the village of Nabi Saleh and a number of towns in Ramallah.

According to local sources, the occupation closed the gate and prevented Palestinian citizens’ vehicles from entering and leaving the area, after claiming that two Israeli soldiers had been injured at the military tower built on Palestinian lands in Nabi Saleh.

The occupation forces deliberately set military checkpoints at the entrances to villages and towns in the West Bank and close them under false security pretexts.