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Friday, March 24

Israeli Occupation Approves 9 Israeli settlement in West Bank

Israeli Occupation Approves 9 Israeli settlement in West Bank
M.S | DOP -

The Israeli occupation government granted retroactive permission to 9 settlement outposts in the occupied West Bank and announced the construction of new homes within the existing settlements in its cabinet meeting on Sunday, February 12, 2022.

The cabinet decided to legalize 9 settlement outposts in the West Bank, supply dozens of outposts with water and electricity, and plan to build several thousand settlement units.

The Israeli newspaper, Yedioth Ahronoth, said, “Ben Gvir asked in the Israeli cabinet meeting to legalize 77 settlement outposts, but only 9 were approved.”

However, the international community considers the Israeli settlements illegal because they occupy Palestinian lands. The Israeli occupation opposes this, and its successive governments have established or approved the establishment of 132 settlements since the occupation of the West Bank in 1967.

In the past few years, extremist Israeli settlers have set up dozens of settlement outposts without government permission. Some were destroyed and others were granted retroactive approval. The 9 outposts that were approved on Sunday are the first group approved by the Netanyahu government.