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Saturday, April 1

Israeli Settler Killed as Tension Rises in OPT

M.S | DOP -

An Israeli settler was killed and others wounded today, Monday, February 27, in Jericho in what seems to be a retaliation to the Israeli settlers’ terrorism against the Palestinian people a day before in Nablus town of Hawwara, which left one Palestinian dead and many others wounded besides huge devastation in Palestinian properties.

According to the Israeli Channel 12, the Palestinian freedom fighter who carried out the attack opened fire on Israeli settlers’ cars in 3 different locations, in which one settler was killed.

Palestinian sources reported that the occupation forces imposed a blockade on  Jericho and closed all its entrances, embedding the Palestinian citizens’ movement.

This operation like other Palestinian resistance operations comes in response to the Israeli forces and settlers’ attacks and crimes against Palestinians, most of which was yesterday in Hawara town.

In the same context, Israeli settlers have renewed their attacks on Palestinian citizens in the town of Hawara.

Yesterday, they stormed Hawara town, under the protection of the occupation forces, threw stones at Palestinian homes, set fire to garbage containers and Palestinian vehicles, and tried to burn olive trees. They also set fire to a Palestinian house with its residents inside.

The settlers’ attack on the town resulted in the killing of a Palestinian and the injury of 390 others, as the Israeli occupation forces participated in the attack on the Palestinian citizens instead of controlling the security situation in the area.

The attack came after the Vice-Chairman of the Israeli Settlement Council in the northern occupied West Bank Davidi Ben Zion incited the extremist Israeli settlers to burn Palestinian properties in the town.