Days of Palestine

Saturday, February 4

Israel Occupation Warns Palestinians Not to Celebrate Release of Prisoner After 40 years in Jail

Maher Younes, released by Israeli occupation on Thursday
M.Y | DOP -

Maher Younes, a Palestinian prisoner, was released on Thursday after 40 years of imprisonment in Israeli occupation jails. The Israeli occupation instructed his family and supporters to not celebrate his release or display the Palestinian flag.

Family and acquaintances congregated in Ara, not far from Haifa, to greet the return of the 65yearold, among them Karim Younes, a cousin of Maher‘s, who had just been freed two weeks prior.

Israeli occupation forces stationed themselves around the northern occupied Palestinian town of Thursday to stop any potential festivities by Palestinian locals, with the Younes family being commanded not to build a guests tent to greet him when he returned.

After being let out of prison, Maher stopped off at the local cemetery to show his respects to his deceased dad, who had died in 2008 while Maher was in jail. He was then taken to his home where he was greeted by his mother and given a white abaya to wear.

Arye Deri, Israeli Interior Minister, who was declared by the Supreme Court to be unsuitable for public service, promised to revoke Karim Younes Israeli citizenship.

The Israeli occupation continues to hold 4,700 Palestinian prisoners.