Days of Palestine

Friday, March 31

Human Rights Activists Continue International Campaigns Supporting Case of Ahmed Manasrah

S.K | DOP -

Hundreds of peace activists and American human rights organizations continue their online international campaign to defend the case of the Palestinian detainee Ahmed Manasrah.

Activists worldwide constantly publish translated videos and pictures of the Palestinian detainee Manasrah, in addition to international calls for his release as they form an international pressure to expedite his urgent release due to his poor health and psychological condition, and his urgent need for treatment.

Through their campaign, human rights activists remind the international community of the issue of Palestinian minor prisoners who are languishing in Israeli occupation prisons.

Ahmed was first detained as a child 7 years ago and has been suffering critical health conditions due to his continued solitary confinement, and his exposure to torture and psychological pressure since his detention.

Note that 4,500 Palestinians currently detained inside Israeli occupation prisons, including 400 who have severe and chronic illnesses, 31 women, and 500 administrative detainees.

In the absence of strong pressure to stop the systemic inhumane abuses, the racist and fascist policies of the Prison Service Administration have a negative impact on Palestinian detainees.

The new Israeli Government follow a systematic daily violations against Palestinian citizens, deliberate detentions, house demolitions and mandatory deportation policy in a multiplied approach in a way to suffocate and complicate Palestinian lives.