Days of Palestine

Friday, March 24

General Strike Prevails Inside Israeli Prisons Following Abu Ali’s Martyrdom

S.K | DOP -

Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli occupation prisons declared Friday, February 10, 2023 a comprehensive state of mourning for three days, following the martyrdom of their comrade, Ahmed Abu Ali (48) from the city of Yatta, who died this morning in the Israeli (Soroka) Hospital. Abu Ali died as a result of the crime of medical negligence (slow killing).

The Palestinian Prisoners Club stated that Palestinian prisoners also decided to return meals, and close the sections, which means stopping all aspects of daily detention life in prisons.

This comes in protest against the continuation of the slow killing crime against prisoners, as since 1967, there are 235 martyrs from Palestinian detainees, including 75, died as a result of the crime of medical negligence inside Israeli prisons.

With the martyrdom of the prisoner Abu Ali, the number of Palestinian detainees killed rose to (235) martyrs, since 1967, in addition to hundreds of prisoners who died after their release due to diseases they inherited from prisons.

The Prisoners Club held the Israeli occupation authorities fully responsible for his martyrdom, and for the current conditions of all sick Palestinian prisoners inside the Israeli jails, as well as the wounded, considering that what happened with the prisoner Abu Ali is a crime.

Until the end of December 2022, the number of Palestinian detainees in the occupation prisons reached 4,700 detainees, including 29 female prisoners and 150 children, and about 850 administrative detainees, including 7 children, two females, and 15 journalists, according to human rights organizations specialized in the Palestinian detainees’ affairs.