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Saturday, June 10

Gaza Launches Solidarity Campaigns for Palestinian Prisoners in Israeli Captivity

Gaza Launches Solidarity Campaigns for Palestinian Prisoners in Israeli Captivity
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Palestinians in Gaza demonstrated on Monday their solidarity with Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails by releasing hundreds of pigeons into the sky.

The Palestinian Homing Pigeon Sports Federation (PHPSF) and the Fatah Martyrs, Prisoners and Wounded Commission united to arrange the event outside the building of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Gaza.

Ahmed al-Najmi, an official at (PHPSF), said that in a symbolic act of support for the detainees, approximately 500 carrier pigeons were sent off in the sky of Gaza City.

He noted that pigeons are known for their longing for their homeland and prisoners for their anticipation of returning to their ordinary lives when they are freed.

Due to the “illegal” practices implemented by the Israeli occupation on prisoners, the inmates are enduring appalling conditions inside the jails, specifically those who are ill and unable to access the necessary medical care.

He urged international and human rights organizations to take action and enforce international agreements which provide prisoners with certain rights, thereby compelling the Israeli occupation to comply.

Al-Najmi underscored the need for Palestinian governmental entities to give more backing to the prisoners.

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Club, a non-governmental association, claims that roughly 4,900 Palestinians are presently in Israeli prisons, with 1,000 of them being held in “administrative detention” without being indicted or put on trial.

The Prisoners’ Movement in the Israeli prisons, along with several prisoners’ organizations, unions, and institutions in Gaza, hosted an art exhibition to honour Palestinian Prisoners’ Day and draw attention to the plight of those who are incarcerated.

The “We Breathe Freedom” exhibition, which opened on Monday and showcased a variety of art pieces and paintings that revolved around the plight of prisoners in Israeli jails, ran for six days.