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Prisoner’s Day: 4900 Palestinians Held in Israeli Prisons

B.M | DOP -

Palestinian report revealed on Monday, April 17, that the number of Palestinian detainees in Israeli prisons exceeded 4900 Palestinians.

Coinciding with Prisoner’s Day, marked on April 17 of each year, the report pointed out that Israel holds 4900 Palestinians in its prions, including 1000 held under administrative detention.

In addition, the report indicated that 160 children and 31 women are among the detainees. 190 prisoners are from Gaza, 480 from Jerusalem, 85 from the 1948-occupied lands, and 17 are Jordanian citizens. The others are West Bank residents.

Meanwhile, 700 Palestinian prisoners have been diagnosed with different diseases, including 23 suffering from cancer. 15 are held in the Al-Ramleh prison clinic under inhuman conditions.

554 prisoners are serving life sentences, including 40 who served more than 25 years, while 23 others were arrested before the Oslo Accords, the report added.

On Prisoner’s Day each year, Palestinian people and factions organize protests and rallies to demand the international community pressure Israel in order to release Palestinian detainees or improve their detention conditions.