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Saturday, June 3

Three Palestinian Prisoners Enter New Year in Israeli Prisons

Prisoners Society: IPS is Enforcing Oppressive Measures Against Palestinian Detainees, Courtesy of Ben Gvir
S.K | DOP -

The two Jerusalemite prisoners, Sajid Ahmed Salim Abu Glos, and Ammar Sidqi Salim Abu Glos (40), from the town of Kafr Aqab, north of occupied Jerusalem, entered Sunday, April 23, 2023, their 20th consecutive year inside Israeli prisons.

Israeli occupation has detained Sajid and Ammar since April 23, 2004, and the Israeli occupation court sentenced both to life imprisonment twice in addition to ten years too.

Moreover, the Palestinian prisoner Rabie Rafiq Abu Al-Rub, from the town of Qabatiya, south of occupied Jenin, entered his 22nd year inside the occupation jails.

Muntaser Sammour, director of the Prisoners’ Club in Jenin, stated that the occupation forces arrested the prisoner Abu al-Rub in 2002 during the Jenin camp invasion, and issued two life imprisonment sentences against him.

He pointed out that the prisoner Abu Al-Rub has another brother, Mohammad, currently in the occupation prisons and who has been sentenced to 30 years since July 17, 2002.

Israeli occupation authorities currently hold some 4900 Palestinians in prisons, including 160 children and 31 women.

In the absence of strong pressure to stop the systemic inhumane abuses, the racist and fascist policies of the Prison Service Administration have a negative impact on Palestinian detainees.