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Thursday, June 8

Double Standards: Facebook Warns Users When Searching About Palestinian Prisoner

M.Y | DOP -

As the world and mainstream media defend the rights the Ukrainian army, women, children, and even the elderly to liberate their lands and fight the Russian army, they are still turning eyes-blind on the Israeli crimes against Palestinians and their rights.

Recently, Facebook warns its users when they are searching about a Palestinian prisoner which shows its double standards measures and hypocrisy against Palestinian content which goes along with the Israeli policy and narrative.

“Are you sure you want to continue?” This question will be asked if you write the name of the Palestinian freedom fighter and a detainee in Israeli jails, Zakaria Zubeidi, with a message telling, “The term you searched for is sometimes associated with activities of Dangerous Individuals and Organizations, which isn’t allowed on Facebook.”


Zubeidi is considered a “symbol of the Intifada”, and was on Israel’s most-wanted list for several years. He is one of the heroes of the freedom tunnel by six Palestinian prisoners who managed to escape from a high-security Israeli prison in September 2021.

So, Facebook considers Zubeidi a dangerous individual and warns people who search for him, just because he is a Palestinian and was fighting for his freedom from the jail where he will never go out of it!

Meanwhile, Facebook and mainstream media allow Ukrainians to call for violence against the Russians and Russian soldiers in the context of the Ukraine invasion.

According to Reuters, Facebook owner, Meta Platforms, will temporarily allow Facebook and Instagram users in some countries to call for violence against Russians and Russian soldiers in the context of the Ukraine invasion.

In the same context, social media and mainstream media showed the women and children of Ukraine preparing Molotov cocktails as supers and having the right to defend their country while Palestinians are prevented when trying to speak out and defend their occupied country since 1948.

“Zubeidi is a Palestinian hero, not a terrorist or a violent individual,” Facebook and the world must understand this as they understood that Ukraine has the right to burn Russia because they invade their country.

Not only do double standards and hypocrisy of the West appear in fighting the Palestinian content, but also in sanctions against the occupiers.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine, the world, the human rights organizations, the International Criminal Court, the UN security council, and many others rushed to impose sanctions on Russia.

When it comes to Palestine, the world was and is still blind to Israeli occupation, and crimes against the Palestinian since the 1948 Nakba.

The double standard is no longer a theoretical issue but an open show of hypocrisy by the international community, which did little to nothing to oppose the occupation of Palestinian territories.