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Thursday, February 2

DOP Holds Meeting on Current Digital Palestinian Content Status

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The Gaza-based Days Of Palestine institution organized Thursday, January 19, a special dialogue workshop on the status of digital Palestinian content and ways to enhance it through social media.

A number of digital content specialists from many Palestinian media organizations participated in this meeting, including Youssef Abu Watfa from Al-Quds News Network, Nidaa Bassumi from Sada Social Center, Hazem Herz from Shihab News Agency, and many employees in the institution.

The meeting discussed the most important problems facing Palestinian digital content in light of the increasing Israeli domination of most digital platforms and websites.

The participants in the meeting emphasized the role of the Israeli lobby, which is largely supported by the Israeli government and is present in most social media companies such as Facebook, Twitter, and others. Accordingly, the Palestinian content is heavily monitored by the Israeli lobby, which increases the possibility of blocking a large part of the content.

In addition, the presence of algorithms dedicated by social networking sites to distinguish Palestinian content and then block it is a major factor, due to the tremendous development and the use of artificial intelligence in identifying words related to the Palestinian cause and their derivatives and meanings.

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The lack of a unified and systematic Palestinian media digital work is one of the problems in reaching the target audience through social networking sites. Palestinian content is still being published individually, in addition to the absence of Palestinian diplomatic pressure in this regard.

In their quest to find solutions to reduce the ongoing violations against Palestinian digital content, the participants stressed the need to adequately document the digital violations against Palestinian content and refer them to international courts, which puts pressure on the administrations of social media sites and forces them to retract some of the steps they take against the Palestinian content.

It also added that cooperation with media institutions and influencers from different countries constitutes a strength for Palestinian content and reduces the possibility of banning Palestinian content.

The meeting stressed the need to strengthen Palestinian digital diplomacy, communicate with the management of social media platforms, clarify the specificity of the Palestinian situation, and include the Palestinian concepts and terms in the algorithm of these platforms.

The work of Palestinian activists, media professionals, and supporters must be strengthened in confronting Israeli content and submitting reports as much as possible on their accounts, which constitutes pressure and creates a kind of balance.

The meeting concluded that the Palestinian digital media work will continue despite all the challenges it faces, and Days of Palestinian will try to continuously find solutions to the problems faced by Palestinian digital content to develop and enhance it in all social media sites.