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Sunday, January 29

16th October Group Holds Live Broadcast on Repercussions of Israeli Government on Palestinians 

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The 16th October Group held Friday, 13 January 2023 a live broadcast to discuss the new Far-right Israeli government’s repercussions and the danger it poses to the Palestinian people.

The group hosted Diana Buttu, a Palestinian lawyer based in Haifa, Miko Peled, a Jewish Author, and Abdullah Maarouf Assistant, the Professor of Islamic History and Jerusalem Studies. The Meeting was led by the British journalist Robert Enlakesh and broadcast on the 16 October 16 group and Days of Palestine social media platforms.

The Palestinian lawyer Diana Butta assured that the difference with this most far-right-wing Israeli government is that their entire government platform is only aimed at directing their attacks at Palestinians.

“Israel has already annexed the West Bank. The world’s community came in and said, You can do everything you want to do but don’t do it formally so Netanyahu learned the lesson and already did it informally.” Butta said

“This is why there are so many of us who’ve been calling for the strengthening of the BDS movement. That it’s only when Israelis begin to pay a price,” she added.

Meanwhile, Miko Peled said that the new far-right Israeli government believes in wiping out the enemies and the threat from Gaza and they were always criticizing previous governments for not doing enough.

“You see more and more homes taken by settlers every day. It’s a war zone. It’s a frightening place to walk through. It’s going to be flooded with settlers and we’re going to see massive expulsions.” he added.

In the same context, Dr. Abdullah Marouf described the new Israeli government members as ISIS, assuring that the new Israeli government’s plan to do to Al-Aqsa mosque what they did to Al-Ibrahimi mosque in Hebron.

16th October Group is a group of young journalists and activists based in the Gaza Strip. They seek to report what is happening in occupied Palestine and convey it to the world.