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Monday, February 6

19 Palestinian Detainees Enter 4th Decade in Israeli Prisons

19 Palestinian Detainees Enter 4th Decade in Israeli Prisons
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19 Palestinian detainees spent more than 30 consecutive years inside the Israeli occupation’s prisons, who are still in prisons, according to Palestine Center for Prisoners Studies.

The center reported that the Israeli occupation released today, Friday, January 20, 2022, the Palestinian detainee, Maher Yunis, after spending 40 consecutive  years in Israeli prisons.

After the release of Maher Yunis, the number Palestinian detainees who spent more than 30 years became 19. The oldest detainee out of the 19 is Mohammad Al-Toos.

Israeli occupation forces detained Mohammad Al-Toos on October 6, 1985, in Hebron. Al-Toos was sentenced to life imprisonment, and he has spent more than 37 years inside Israeli prisons.

Recently, two detainees entered the list of those who spent more than 3 decades inside Israeli prison. They are Nasser Abu Srur and Mahmoud Aby Srur from Bethlehem who have spent 31 consecutive years in prison.

Israeli forces detained them on January, 1993, and the occupation court sentenced them to life imprisonment.

According to human rights organizations specialized in the Palestinian detainees’ affairs, number of Palestinian detainees in the occupation prisons reached 4,700 detainees until the end of December 2022.

There are 29 female detainees, 150 children, and about 850 administrative detainees, including 7 children and two females. In addition, Israeli occupation holds 15 journalists in it’s prisons.