Days of Palestine

Wednesday, March 29

Yair Lapid, ‘Netanyahu Has Lost Control of His Government’

Yair Labid Describes Israeli Settlers Who Attacked Huwara as "Jewish Terrorists"
M.S | DOP -

Commenting on recent Israeli settlers’ attacks, opposition leader Yair Lapid said Monday, February 28, that Netanyahu has lost control of his fascist far-right government and the situation is deteriorating.

“The militias of Ben Gvir and Smotrich are continuing their barbaric actions, which will endanger the Israeli army,” said Labid.

He added, “Netanyahu has lost control of his government.”

Lapid called to stop the extremist acts of Netanyahu’s government, as he said “Stop this madness before it’s too late.”

Recent Israeli settlers’ attacks have not been against Palestinian citizens only, but against the Israeli occupation forces also, which made the Israeli occupation government act to prevent their attacks against its soldiers.

On Monday, the Israeli occupation army said that an Israeli settler tried to run over an Israeli officer in the northern West Bank, while others threw stones at its soldiers.

Earlier, settlers attacked Palestinian homes and property in the town of Hawara, Nablus, with the support and encouragement of extremist Israeli government ministers such as Ben Gvir, Smotrich, and others. This attack resulted in the injury of about 390 Palestinians and the burning of dozens of their cars and homes.