Days of Palestine

Saturday, April 1

Israeli Occupation Forces Impose Travel Restrictions on Ancient City of Jericho

Palestinians throw stones towards Israeli military vehicles during an army raid at the Aqbat Jabr Camp in Jericho, West Bank on February 4, 2023. After seven days of a military siege of the ancient tourist city of Jericho, east of the West Bank, a large Israeli force early this morning raided the city and specifically Aqbat Jabr refugee camp, on its outskirt, according to witnesses. Photo by APA apaimages
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Israeli occupation forces have now kept Jericho, situated to the east of the West Bank, under siege for two days in a row, preventing Palestinian movement by blocking the single land route through Jordan, according to Palestinian security sources.

The two main entrances to Jericho were reported to have been shut down the day before due to an Israeli settler getting shot and killed on the highway close to Jericho, and the shooter had managed to flee.

Individuals attempting to exit or enter the city of Jericho, or those seeking to venture abroad, have been impeded due to the lengthy delays caused by the military checkpoints set up near the routes leading to the city.

Last night, Israeli occupation forces conducted a search in Aqbat Jabr, a refugee camp situated at the south border of Jericho.

Earlier this month, a strict siege was imposed on both Jericho and the refugee camp, followed by a military offensive on the refugee camp that resulted in five Palestinian fatalities.