Days of Palestine

Tuesday, March 21

United Nations Delegate Expresses Strong Disapproval of Israeli Kidnapping Sheikh Bassam Al-Saddi

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Days of Palestine – Jenin

The Special Representative of the Office of the United Nations Envoy for Political and Human Rights, Judy Bart, met Friday with the family of the leader of the “Islamic Jihad” movement, the captive Sheikh Bassam Al-Saadi, in the Jenin camp in the northern occupied West Bank.

Bart and the accompanying delegation listened to the details of what happened to Sheikh Al-Saadi when the occupation forces arresting, dragging, and brutally assaulting him and his family members last Monday evening.

His wife, Nawal Al-Saadi, spoke about the moments of terror that her family experienced at the moment of the storming.

She said that my husband is a great old man, and he suffers from several diseases, and we are concerned about his life, especially after the assault he was subjected to.

It held the Israeli occupation “full responsibility for his safety”, calling on the UN delegate to work for his release.

For her part, the United Nations representative expressed her strong disapproval and sympathy with the family of Sheikh Bassam Al-Saadi.

National figures who attended the meeting considered Saadi’s arrest a violation of all international and humanitarian laws and norms, stressing the need to provide him with protection and care.

At the end of the meeting, the delegation inspected the place where Sheikh Bassam Al-Saadi was arrested and attacked by the occupation forces.

Last Monday evening, the occupation arrested the leader of the Islamic Jihad Movement Bassam Al-Saadi and his son-in-law in Jenin camp, in the northern occupied West Bank, after assaulting them and Al-Saadi’s wife, while the movement threatened an appropriate response to that.

On Tuesday, the occupation closed the Kerem Shalom crossings in the southern Gaza Strip and Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip, following the arrest of al-Saadi. Islamic Jihad” in response to his arrest.