Days of Palestine

Friday, March 31

Two Israeli Settlers Killed Near Nablus in Occupied West Bank

Israeli Occupation Forces
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Israeli officials reported on Sunday that two Jewish settlers in the occupied West Bank were fatally shot while in their vehicle.

According to local sources, an unidentified perpetrator drove a car into the victims’ vehicle before discharging multiple shots at them and then escaping the area.

Hamas spokesperson said that the Hawara attack was a natural reaction to the Israeli occupation‘s atrocity in Nablus the preceding week, which resulted in the death of twelve Palestinians and the injury of more than one hundred.

It has been reported that a Palestinian was admitted to the hospital after being attacked by Israeli settlers in Nablus. Additionally, it is believed that the settlers had set fire to Palestinian houses and vehicles in the town of Hawara in response to the shooting of two Israelis earlier that Sunday.