Days of Palestine

Friday, January 27

Thousands March for Palestinian Rights in Brussels

S.K | DOP -

Thousands of activists marched Saturday, October 29, 2022 outside the European Parliament in Brussels in support of the rights of the Palestinian people, including the right of return for the Palestinian refugees and their decedents to their homes in pre-1948 Palestine.

The protesters chanted slogans and waved flags of Palestine and banners affirming the right of the Palestinian people to freedom, independence and return of the refugees, while nationalist songs celebrating the Palestinian freedom fighters were played.

Short speeches were delivered during the march which voiced support for the struggle of the Palestinian people and their inalienable national rights to return, freedom, independence and an end of the Israeli occupation.

The march was organized as part of the Week of Return and Liberation. Arab and Islamic communities in Brussels and dozens of organizations, associations and institutions from Europe, North and South America and various countries of the world participated in the activities of the Week of Return and Liberation.