Days of Palestine

Thursday, June 8

The Israeli Occupation Killed 77 Palestinians Since The Start of 2022


The National Gathering of Palestine Families (Martyrs) reported that the number of martyrs who rose from the beginning of this year, until June 30, reached 77 martyrs.

The Secretary-General of the Gathering, Muhammad Sbeihat, stressed that the high number of martyrs, especially children, confirms the extent of criminality and terrorism of this Israeli occupation, which is always looking for opportunities to shoot with the aim of killing, with premeditative intention.

He stated that the report prepared by the Palestine Families Gathering shows that the number of children who have been martyred since the beginning of this year (2022) has reached 15, indicating that the youngest of them is the martyr Muhammad Rizk Shehadeh Salah (14 years old), who was martyred on February 23 from Al-Khader in Bethlehem.

Sbeihat added that the oldest two martyrs are Omar Abdul Majeed Asaad, a senior citizen of 80 years old, from the village of Jaljalia, north of Ramallah. He was martyred on 12/1-2022, and the martyr Suleiman al-Hathlin, 80 years old, from Umm al-Khair village in Hebron, who was martyred on 17/1 -2022, and that the bloodiest month was the month of April, during which the number of martyrs had reached 23.