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Wednesday, May 31

Ethnic Cleansing: Israel Displaces Palestinian Family in Niqab

ethnic cleansing
M.Y | DOP -

Palestinian Amir Abu Zaher ended up living in a tent with his family as the Israeli occupation forces demolished his home in Karkur village in the occupied Niqab on Thursday, June 30, 2022.

Local sources reported that the Israeli occupation forces, accompanied by bulldozers, broke into the area and seized the house of Amir Abu Zaher before demolishing it. Moreover, the Israeli troops prevented the owners of the house from accessing it to take their properties.

Abu Zaher expressed his pain, saying, “I built a tent to house my family, and I expect them to come to demolish it at any moment today.” He added that he and his family have been living in the house of his grandparents for over 50 years.

The Abu Zaher family with their 7 kids were left homeless now. Meanwhile, the Israeli occupation authorities prevented them from building a new home.