Days of Palestine

Tuesday, June 6

Surge in Number of Palestinian Prisoners Sentenced to Life Imprisonment

The Supreme National Emergency Committee of the National Captive Movement said that Palestinian prisoners will partake in a one-day hunger strike
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Abdel Nasser Farwan, a Specialist in Prisoners and Freedmen Affairs, said in a statement on Wedneesday,17 May, 2023 that the number of Palestinian prisoners sentenced to life imprisonment in Israeli occupation jails has risen to 556 following the issuance of life sentences four times against two prisoners, Subhi Imad Abu Shuqair and Asaad Al-Rifai.

Al-Rifai and Sbeihat are from Rummana in the Jenin district in the northern occupied West Bank. Israeli occupation forces detained them after a three-day chase, specifically on May 8th, in the Harshiyeh area, east of Tel Aviv.

These continuous and systematic violations are just one part of Israel’s oppressive policies and practices against Palestinian prisoners.