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Tuesday, March 21

Qatar Rejects Israeli Demand for Consulate Throughout FIFA World Cup 2022

Af.M | DOP -

Qatar rejected Tuesday, September 13 Israeli occupation’s demand for the opening of a temporary consulate in Doha during the World Cup later this year. 

“FIFA should put pressure on Doha for this to be allowed.” said Israeli occupation authorities. 

Media sources reported that the negotiations between Qatar and Israel in this regard have been a failure. Although Israeli sources claimed a few days ago that secret talks were taking place between Doha and ‘Tel Aviv’, Qatari sources announced that Qatar did not accept the Israeli demand, which reached Doha through FIFA.

Along the same lines, FIFA announced last June that an agreement has been reached, allowing ‘Israelis’ to travel and watch the World Cup in Qatar without the need for a visa. 

Meanwhile, the Israeli occupation apparently had hopes of keeping the office open after the tournament, and thus have a foothold in the Gulf State.