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Wednesday, May 31

Palestinian Cancer-Stricken Detainee Musa Soufan Starts Medication

S.K | DOP -

The Palestinian Prisoners Club reported Tuesday, September 13, 2022 that after the Israeli occupation prison administration delayed providing the Palestinian prisoner Musa Soufan with medical treatment.

Providing treatment at his own expense, the cancer-stricken prisoner started receiving biological treatment inside the prison by giving him specific injections.

The 74-year-old prisoner Musa Soufan, who was given a life sentence and has been held since 2003, is in critical health conditions as a result of a lung tumor and other issues, such as the Mediterranean virus.

According to the statement of the Prisoner Club, the prisoner Soufan was the victim of the Israeli crime of medical negligence (slow killing) years ago, along with hundreds of sick prisoners.

This was demonstrated by the delay in the final diagnosis of what he suffers from as he did not receive any response to his demand of diagnosing his health condition for years.

The Prisoner Club clarified in a statement released today that this treatment, which started yesterday, is intended to last for several months.

The Club also claimed that the administration rejected its request to administer injections inside a hospital rather than a prison clinic because of the unsanitary conditions at Ashkelon Prison.

In order to get treatment, the prisoner Soufan was made to embark on multiple lengthy hunger strikes throughout the years as he is one of the 35 detainees who are still being held at Ashkelon Israeli Prison, along with at least 17 others who have chronic diseases.

He is also one of the 23 detainees who are being held in occupation jails who have cancer and tumors of varying degrees and phases.

It is interesting to note that the two prisoners, Adnan and Muhammad Soufan, are brothers.

Adnan has been imprisoned since 2002 and is currently serving a term of 29 years, while Muhammad was given a sentence of 18 years and has been held since 2011.