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1- This is happened because of siege. A 5-yr-old Palestinian child in Gaza died. People swim in sewage and have no electricity in their homes. 14 years of Israel's siege is ENOUGH! #SaveGazaFromCorona #Act4Palestine #COVID_19



















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18- The worst of fates, the deadly and fast-spreading virus found its way through the hermetic siege on Gaza Strip, which engulfs this minuscule and the most densely populated region in the whole world. #SaveGazaFromCorona #COVID_19 #Act4Palestine

19- Gaza, which is enduring its 14th year of Israeli siege and is still reeling under the massive destruction of several Israeli wars, has already been declared “uninhabitable” by the United Nations. #SaveGazaFromCorona #COVID_19 #Act4Palestine

20- The misery of Gaza never ceases to unfold. Not a single UN report on Gaza’s ailing medical facilities or preparedness for at least the last ten years has used any positive or even hopeful language. #SaveGazaFromCorona #COVID_19 #Act4Palestine

21- UN Coordinator for Palestine, Mr. Jamie McGoldrick, bemoaned Gaza’s chronic power outages, gaps in critical services, including mental health and psychosocial support, and shortages of essential medicines. #SaveGazaFromCorona #COVID_19 #Act4Palestine

22- The Israeli rights group. B’Tselem, spoke of an unprecedented health crisis in besieged Gaza, one that is not fueled by the Coronavirus, rather by the fact that Gaza’s hospitals are barely functioning. #SaveGazaFromCorona #COVID_19 #Act4Palestine

23- Gaza's hospitals are desperately trying to deal with the fall-out of the thousands of injuries resulting from the Great March of Return which has taken place on the Gaza side of the dividing fence. #SaveGazaFromCorona #COVID_19 #Act4Palestine

24- B’Tselem cited moderate estimations provided by WHO that, by the end of 2019, Gaza physicians had to perform limb amputations on 155 protesters, a number that includes 30 children. #SaveGazaFromCorona #COVID_19 #Act4Palestine

25- Not only measles and other highly contagious infectious diseases are finding their way back to Gaza, water-borne diseases are also spreading at an alarming rate. #SaveGazaFromCorona #COVID_19 #Act4Palestine

26- In some cases, clean water is not even available in Gaza’s largest hospital, Al-Shifa. #SaveGazaFromCorona #COVID_19 #Act4Palestine

27- Doctors and nurses in Gaza's hospitals are unable to sterilize their hands because of the water quality,” according to the RAND Corporation. #SaveGazaFromCorona #COVID_19 #Act4Palestine

28- Ninety-seven percent of all of Gaza’s water is unfit for human consumption, according to the WHO, which begs the question: How could Gaza hospitals possibly confront the Coronavirus epidemic? #SaveGazaFromCorona #COVID_19 #Act4Palestine

29- All reports on Gaza by WHO accurately detail the problem, but in fact it did little to diagnose its roots or to fashion a permanent solution to it. #SaveGazaFromCorona #COVID_19 #Act4Palestine

30- Gaza’s hospitals are as dysfunctional as ever, Gaza’s water is as dirty as ever and, despite repeated warnings, the Strip is still unfit for human habitation. #SaveGazaFromCorona #COVID_19 #Act4Palestine

31- Despite repeated warnings, the Gaza Strip is still unfit for human habitation, thanks to the brutal Israeli siege and to the silence of the international community. #SaveGazaFromCorona #COVID_19 #Act4Palestine

32- The truth is, no amount of preparedness in Gaza – or, frankly, anywhere in occupied Palestine – can stop the spread of the Coronavirus. #SaveGazaFromCorona #COVID_19 #Act4Palestine 

33- What is needed is a fundamental change that would emancipate the Palestinian healthcare system from the horrific impact of the Israeli occupation of perpetual siege and politically-imposed quarantines.

34- The whole world faces one virus, yet Palestinian people face two viruses: corona and "Israel". #SaveGazaFromCorona #COVID_19 #Act4Palestine

35- What are you waiting for to help Gaza? Take action now and save Gazan people. #SaveGazaFromCorona #COVID_19 #Act4Palestine

36- We hold the Israeli occupation fully responsible for everything that happens in Gaza. #SaveGazaFromCorona #COVID_19 #Act4Palestine 

37- We call the international community to intervene to protect the people of Gaza before having the situation uncontrollable. #SaveGazaFromCorona #COVID_19 #Act4Palestine























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