Days of Palestine

Sunday, January 29

Palestinian Families Protest Against Israel’s Retention of Their Loved Ones’ Bodies

B.M | DOP -

Palestinian families in different parts of the occupied West Bank organized vigils on Tuesday, November 1, to protest the Israeli occupation’s holding of the bodies of their loved ones killed by Israeli occupation forces.

Palestinians in Nablus, protesters chant slogans demanding the Israeli occupation to release the bodies of their sons killed by Israeli troops.

Families of the victims submit a letter to the International Red Cross, demanding the organization’s representatives take their responsibility for returning their sons’ dead bodies.

In Jenin, mothers of victims withheld by Israeli occupation participated in a protest in front of the Red Cross headquarters, calling on International institutions to take action to release the bodies of their sons.

According to Palestinian figures, Israeli occupation forces currently withhold the bodies of more than 250 male and female Palestinians killed or field-executed by the occupation forces since October 2015.