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Sunday, March 26

Palestinian Detainees Enter New Years in Israeli Prisons

Palestinian Detainees Enter New Years in Israeli Occupation Prisons
M.S | DOP -

A number of Palestinian detainees entered today, Saturday, February 18, new year inside Israeli occupation prisons.

The Jerusalemites, Firas Ghanem, 49, and Hussam Shehadeh, 48, entered their 22 years in the Israeli occupation prisons, and they are serving a life sentence.

Ghanem was detained on February 18, 2002, and he is a father of four children. The occupation court issued an unfair sentence to life imprisonment 9 times against him, on charges of belonging to the Palestinian resistance “Fatah” movement.

Ghanem, who is currently in “Raymond” desert prison, suffers from several diseases and is overweight, and the prison administration is delaying providing him with appropriate treatment. He was punished several times for asking for medical treatment.

Shehadeh was detainedĀ  on February 17, 2002, and an unjust life sentence was issued against him 6 times, on charges of belonging to the “Fatah” movement, and he is currently in “Nafha” desert prison.

In the same context, Palestinian detainee Montaser Abu Ghalioun, 46, from Jenin camp entered today his 20th year in a row in the Israeli occupation prisons.