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Saturday, April 1

Palestinians Declare Comprehensive Strike in Anata, Shuafat Camp

Palestinians Declare Comprehensive Strike in Anata, Shuafat Camp
M.S | DOP -

The national and Islamic forces, the Palestinian youth movement, and the Palestinian residents of Shuafat refugee camp and Anata town, in occupied Jerusalem, called Saturday, February 18, for a comprehensive strike and civil disobedience for next Sunday.

The Natinal and Islamic Forces Committee said in a joint statement, “This step comes in response to the crimes of the criminal Israeli occupation against the Palestinian people in Jerusalem and all areas, especially the criminal and retaliatory measures of abuse, torture, humiliation and daily oppression – against Palestinians – at the Shuafat camp checkpoint.”

It indicated that the steps will start by calling on Palestinian workers not to go to their places of work in the 1948-occupied Palestinian territories, and calling on citizens to boycott the occupation and not to deal with it in various ways.

The road leading to the Shuafat camp checkpoint will also be closed, and no one will be allowed to pass through it. As well, the entrance to Anata town will be closed, and workers will not be allowed to go to their workplaces inside the occupied interior.

It called on the masses to show solidarity with them and support their struggle to end the injustice and oppression by the Israeli occupation on the residents of the region at the oppressive and racist occupation barriers.