Days of Palestine

Friday, March 24

Israel forces Palestinian citizen to demolish his own home and farm east of Bethlehem

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine
Israeli occupation authorities forced a citizen today, Saturday, to demolish his own house and farm in the Al-Fardis area, east of Bethlehem, and threatened him, in case of not destroying it, the occupation will do so, and will fine him the costs of the demolition.

Mahmoud al-Wahsh, speaking on behalf of his family, said that a 60-square-meter house and a 40-square-meter sheep farm would be demolished; alleging a lack of licensing.

He pointed out that the aforementioned area lacks services, and the citizens live in difficult conditions that lack infrastructure, in parallel with the restrictions imposed on them by the occupation, not to expand and build.

It is noteworthy that the Israeli occupation accelerates the rate of demolishing Palestinian houses in the occupied West Bank under the pretext of the nonexistence of building permits.