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Saturday, April 1

Hamas: Israeli prisoners of war in Gaza wounded in Israel raid

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A number of Israeli prisoners of war in the occupied Gaza Strip were wounded in an Israeli raid, a Hamas spokesperson said today.

On Twitter, Abu Obeida wrote: “A number of Israeli prisoners were directly wounded during the Israeli offensive on Gaza in May 2019.”

He added: “We will not reveal more details about their fate at this stage.”

“Our prisoners inside Israeli jails, we promise you that we will do our best in order to achieve your freedom.”

Abu Obeida pointed out that the Israeli occupation has been ignoring those held as prisoners of war in the Gaza Strip since 2014 and is not interested in them.

“Israeli occupation deserted its soldiers, who it sent to war in Gaza, while it is releasing an Israeli woman detained in Russia for smuggling drugs,” Abu Obeida wrote in reference to Naama Issachar.