Days of Palestine

Israeli soldiers murder Palestinian boy in West Bank

Days of Palestine -

Israeli occupation forces have just murdered Palestinian boy in Beit Ommar Neighbourhood near West Bank city of Al-Khalil.

The Israeli occupation forces shot the 15-year-old Palestinian boy at the entrance of the Palestinian Neighbourhood. The area is known by the Israeli occupation as the Gush Etzion Junction.

Israeli occupation army claimed that the boy attacked an Israeli jeep; Haaretz reported claims of throwing stones, while Ynet News reported claims of stabbing attempt.
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However, eyewitnesses reiterated that he was walking in the opposite direction of an Israeli military jeep, which was wandering in the area.

Medical sources confirmed the account of the eyewitnesses, noting that the boy was shot in the back and the bullet penetrated his body and exited from the chest.

The Israeli occupation soldiers did not offer the boy any medical help and at the same time they denied Palestinian Red Crescent ambulances to approach him.

“He remained bleeding to death,” Palestinian paramedics told Days of Palestine. The boy was identified as Khalid Bahar, 15 years old.