Days of Palestine

Sunday, January 29

Israeli forces kidnap daughter of slain Palestinian

Days of Palestine -

Israeli occupation forces kidnapped on Monday morning 14-year-old daughter of Palestinian shot dead by Israelis in Jerusalem.

A large number of the Israeli occupation military vehicles raided the village of Al-Ram in the occupied Jerusalem and broke into the house of Misbah abu-Sbeih, 39, who was killed in a shootout on Sunday.

The Israeli occupation forces damaged the content of Abu-Sbeih’s house, stole the valuables inside and kidnapped his little daughter Iman.

A video of Iman hailing her mourning her father, who was killed by the Israeli occupation forces, describing him as a martyr.

She pleased for God to shower him with His mercy in the Last Day and giving him the chance to take her to paradise.  “We hope he will plead for us before God on judgment day,” she said in a video that went viral on the internet.

In a brief statement, a spokesperson of the Israeli occupation army accused the little girl of celebrating killing Israelis in this video, noting this is the reason for which she was kidnapped.

Immediately after Abu-Sbeih’s death, the Israeli occupation forces kidnapped his father, an old man, and interrogated him.

Under sever torture, the old man had a stroke and was admitted to an Israeli hospital in critical condition.