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Wednesday, February 1

In Israel, bomber of Gaza clinic just ‘censured’

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Days of Palestine, Jerusalem -Israeli soldier, who bombed Gaza clinic during major Israeli offensive on Gaza in 2014, was only “censured” by Israeli military institution.

Israeli Chief Military Advocate General (MAG) Sharon Afek has recommended “censuring” the battalion commander, who approved the shelling of a clinic in the Gaza Strip during the Major Israeli offensive on Gaza in 2014.

According to YnetNews, Afek recommended on Tuesday that Deputy Chief of Staff of the Israeli Army Yair Golan conduct a disciplinary proceeding for Lieutenant Colonel Neria Yeshurun.

Yeshurun was serving as the commander of the armoured battalion when he ordered shelling the clinic in what he described over the radio as an “honour salvo and salute” in memory of Captain Dima Levitas, who had been killed the previous day by a Palestinian sniper allegedly from the same building.

The case was investigated by the military police, which found that there was a military justification to bomb the clinic; however, the bomber recognised that he ordered shelling the clinic just to salute his late colleague.

Previous recognitions regarding the attacks and killings during the same Israeli offensives showed that the Israeli soldiers had killed Palestinians just for fun.