Days of Palestine

Thursday, February 9

Against its will, US to increase military aid to Israel

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, Jerusalem -Despite White House rejection, US to increase military aid to Israeli occupation state, office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has revealed.

Netanyahu went beyond normal arrogant language regarding addressing the American President Barack Obama, who is seen in Netanyahu’s eyes as a baby.

“Not only will security assistance for missile defence [to Israeli] not be cut,” Netanyahu said, “but it will be increased.”

On Wednesday afternoon, the White House announced that it is against giving the Israeli occupation additional anti-missile defence aid.

In response to this, Netanyahu’s office revealed this: “There is an internal debate between Congress and the White House on the size of the annual supplement to the missile defence programme.”

This way, Netanyahu proves how he belittles Obama and how the American institutions work for Israel’s interests at the expense of the American citizens.

Moreover, this also proves how much the American institutions are involved in supporting Israeli violations against the Palestinians, who are being massacred by the Israeli occupation using American weapons and money.