Days of Palestine

Saturday, June 3

Zionist settlers assault Palestinian mother, her child

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, West Bank -Extremist Israeli Jewish settlers assaulted Palestinian mother, her child on Friday evening in Al-Khalil neighbourhood Tel-Rumeida, West Bank.

The group of the extremist Jewish and Zionist settlers assaulted the Palestinian woman and her child during an invasion of the Israeli occupation forces to the Palestinian neighbourhood.

Family sources said that the settlers broke into the house of the Palestinian citizen Riyad abu-Hazza, who was not there, beat his wife and sprayed pepper powder at his little daughter.

Palestinians rushed to Riyad’s house, pushed the settlers out and immediately offered first aid to the mother and her daughter.

Coordinator of Youth Against Settlement in Al-Khalil Jawad abu-Shawish said that the assault took place after a weekly march organised by settlers in the area to harass the Palestinians.

“During their march, which is protected by the Israeli forces, the settlers chanted racial slogans against the Palestinians,” Abu-Aisha said. “Death to Arabs and Gas the Arabs, the chant,” he added.

Israeli occupation forces declared Tel-Rumeida a “closed military zone” in October, and has since renewed the military order every month, only allowing Palestinian residents of the area with Israeli-issued identification numbers to enter.
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