Days of Palestine

Monday, February 6

1,800 sick Palestinian prisoners inside Israeli jails

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, West Bank –Palestinian Prisoner Club (PPC) said on Thursday that 1,800 sick Palestinian prisoners are inside Israeli occupation jails.

“A large number of the sick prisoners suffer chronic illnesses,” the PPC said in a statement. “Meanwhile, almost all the prisoners do not receive proper treatment.”

The statement said that the PPC lawyer had visited Eshel Prison and met 30 sick prisoners, whom the lawyer said, are in an “urgent needed for proper treatment.”

“All what the prisoners have, regarding treatment,” said the lawyer, “is only painkillers.”

“Take an example,” the lawyer said, “the prisoner Riyad Li’mour from Bethlehem. He is spending 11 life sentences and is suffering a very much deteriorated health condition. He was admitted to the clinic of Al-Ramlah Prison, but when he remained unchanged, he was returned back to Eshel.”

According to the lawyer, many of the prisoners with serious conditions stay for a long time in the clinic of Al-Ramlah Prison, but have nothing more than painkillers.

“The claims that the Israeli prison services offer proper treatment for the prisoners are false,” the PPC lawyer said according to the statement.

Hence, the PPC called for the international community and all the concerned bodies to do whatever they can to save the lives of the sick Palestinian prisoners inside the Israeli jail.