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Thursday, February 2

Livni: no Palestinian state via UN

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, Reports –Israeli Justice Minister Tzipi Livni has warned that Palestinians would never obtain Palestinian state via UN.

Speaking to Times of Israel days before Palestinian Authority (PA) Mahmoud Abbas was set to address the UN General Assembly, as he was expected to demand Israeli timetable for withdrawal from the West Bank, Livni criticised him and said he should continue peace talks with ‘Israel.’

Abbas had taken the easier route of going to the UN and forgoing negotiations, she said, “because in negotiations you have to pay a price and concede things, whereas when you go to the UN, you can get everything you want, but it will not give you a state… There is no state via the UN.”

Blaming Abbas for ending the negotiations, she said: “I have grievances with him –over how the negotiations ended, over his turning to the UN, his joining up with Hamas in the Palestinian unity government.”

She said Israeli occupation had no many choices and affirmed that extremist ministers wanted Abbas to return to Gaza in order not to remain in the hands of Hamas. “But we do not want ‘Israel’ to go back to Gaza,” she said.

About the core of the talks with the Palestinians, Times of Israel reported her saying, they have been and would remain about a Palestinian state “without full and complete sovereignty.”

“Always, from the first day of the negotiations, it was clear that any agreement on Palestinian statehood would not include full and complete sovereignty,” she said.

She continued: “We are speaking in terms of a sovereign Palestinian state, but it is clear that the sovereign Palestinian state must accept limitations. Certainly –demilitarisation.”

“By the way, she said, that is also what we are demanding now for Gaza. Limitations and arrangements that will ensure, in the long term, that no threat is created of the kind we have been witnessing.”