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Thursday, February 9

Israeli ship heads to LA after Oakland protests

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, Oakland Israeli cargo ship banned from stevedoring at the Port of Oakland headed on Monday to Los Angeles, a ship-tracking website.

The Zim Shanghai left Oakland with its cargo still on-board on Sunday evening, according to the website

As part of the Stop Zim Action Committee, about 200 demonstrators picketed outside several of the Oakland gates on Saturday morning.

Safety concerns posed by the existence of protesters, in addition to about 50 police officers, undermined unloading the Israeli ship, Zim Shanghai, by longshore workers.

The Zim Shanghai is managed by the Israeli largest shipping firm, Zim Integrated Shipping Services.

Sources from Oakland told Days of Palestine that anti-Israeli activists might organise a protest to prevent the Zim Shanghai from stevedoring in LA.

“They [LA’s activists] were having a meeting on Sunday to decide what they were going to do,” the activist from Oakland said.

The Zim Shanghai is expected to arrive in Los Angeles on Tuesday.