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Tuesday, January 31

About ¼ of essential medicines in Gaza ran out

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, Gaza Strip –Palestinians minister of health in the Gaza Strip has warned that more than 27 per cent of essential medicines in Gaza hospitals.

It also said that 48 per cent of the all medicines has also run out from the shelves of pharmacies and stores.

According to the Palestinian Deputy Health Minister Youssef abul-Rish, the ministry has now completely run out of 27 per cent of its stock of essential medicines and 48 per cent of its basic medicines.

Abul-Rish explained that the latest Israeli war on the Gaza Strip, which lasted for 51 days, has considerably worsened the already bad situation in the health sector.

He pointed out that the Israeli war left 2,160 Palestinians dead, 44 per cent of whom were children, women and elderly, while the total number of Palestinians wounded reached 11,231. Israeli forces also targeted 12 hospitals and 24 health care centres, Abul-Rish said.

To solve the problem, he called for the implementation of the ceasefire terms –lifting the siege of Gaza and allowing all medical supplies and basic foodstuffs into the Strip.