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Saturday, June 3

OCHA: Israeli Occupation Demolishes 8,000+ Palestinian Structures Since 2009

B.M | DOP -

A recent report published by OCHA revealed on Saturday that Israel occupation forces (IOF) have demolished up to 8000 Palestinian-owned structures since 2009, leaving thousands of Palestinian civilians displaced.

According to OCHA, United Nations Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, the Israeli forces destroyed 8,746 Palestinian-owned structures in West Bank and Jerusalem, displacing 13,000 Palestinian civilians.

The report pointed out that 1,559 Palestinian houses were demolished whether by the Israeli authority or self-demolished by their owners under the threats of Israeli occupation authorities.

Over the years, Palestinians, especially in the West Bank and Jerusalem, have been forced by Israeli occupation forces to self-demolish their own houses. Otherwise, Israel put heavy fines on Palestinians who refuse to self-demolish their houses. paying heavy fines.

In addition, the report explained that the figures include the demolition orders issued against Palestinian-owned structures under the pretext of construction without a permit.

In West Bank, Israeli occupation forces have demolished 7035 Palestinian-owned structures since 2009, displacing up to 9000 Palestinians.

Meanwhile, more than 3000 Palestinians have been displaced since 2009 as Israeli forces have demolished 1711 houses only in Jerusalem.

So far in 2022, Israeli occupation forces have demolished about 581 Palestinian houses in West Bank and Jerusalem, according to the OCHA report.