Days of Palestine

Friday, March 24

More Israeli settlers Are Under Training in Preparation for Possible Tensions During Ramadan

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Backed by the far-right Israeli National security Itamar Ben Gavir, Israeli occupation trained a group of Israeli settlers in preparation for possible tensions during the holy month of Ramadan.

Israeli media sources reported that Israeli forces trained and financed in recent months a battalion of Israeli settlers from the city of Lod.

The battalion will serve as a special squad as part of the Israeli occupation’s preparation for possible tensions during the month of Ramadan, sources added.

An official Israeli channel stated that the battalion includes dozens of Israeli settlers, who performed military service as soldiers in the Israeli occupation forces. noting that they underwent training during the past few months.

The occupied Palestinian city of Lod inhabited by approximately 33,000 Palestinian Arabs witnessed major clashes between Palestinians and Israeli settlers in May 2021.

Israeli military forces arrested more than 300 Palestinian people. During the same period, Israeli settlers killed the Palestinain young man Musa Hassouna.