Days of Palestine

Massive crowds Attend Funeral of Detained Palestinian Martyr Saadia Farajallah in Hebron


The Israeli occupation authorities handed over, on Thursday, August 10th, the body of the captive martyr Saadia Faraj Allah (68 years), who died last July, at the Tarqumiya military checkpoint, west of Hebron. Large crowds mourned her death, in the town of Ithna, west of Hebron.

The funeral procession of the martyr Faraj Allah moved from Al-Ahly Hospital in Hebron towards her family’s home in the town of Idna, west of the city, where she was given a last farewell look.

Hundreds of citizens from the town of Ithna and the neighboring villages performed the funeral prayer for the body of the martyr Faraj Allah in the Al-Omari Mosque in the town, and it was transferred to the town’s cemetery, where her body was buried.

The funeral procession witnessed the raising of the Palestinian flag, the banners of Hamas, and the flags of the Palestinian factions, amid chants calling for resistance, and revenge for the martyr who lost their life and freedom in the occupation prisons and was subjected to medical neglect and the failure to provide appropriate treatment disregarding her medical needs as a senior citizen.

The martyr, Faraj Allah, died on the second of last July in the “Damoun” prison in the north of occupied Palestine, after eight-month detention in the prisons of the occupation.

Saadia Faraj Allah (68 years), who died last July in the Israeli prisons as a result of health negligence

Faraj Allah was arrested on December 18, 2021, near the Ibrahimi Mosque, after she was attacked by Israeli settlers, while she was on her way to visit her daughter, who lives in the area.

With the martyrdom of the Palestinian prisoner Saadia Matar, the number of Palestinian martyrs who died in captivity inside the Israeli prisons reached 229.

Female prisoners in the Israeli occupation prisons suffer from difficult detention conditions, in addition to the same medical negligence that led to the death of captive Saadia Matar.

The occupation authorities continue to detain 29 Palestinian women in Damoun Prison, the oldest of whom is Maysoon Musa from Bethlehem, who has been detained since 2015 and has been sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Among the female prisoners, two are held in administrative detention, Shurooq al-Badan and Bushra al-Taweel, the daughter of the captive Hamas leader Jamal al-Taweel, in addition to 10 mothers, and the female minor, Nofouth Hammad.

Nofouth Hammad ( 14) palestinain child who was arrested in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood where she lived in 2021

The prisoner, Jabbis, who was arrested in 2015, suffers from the pain of wounds and burns, and she needs to undergo several urgent surgeries, but the prison administration has been procrastinating in providing the necessary treatment for her.

Jabbis, who was arrested in 2015, sustained severe burns and wasn’t allowed the needed treatment