Days of Palestine

Friday, March 31

French Player Playing in Italian League Publishes Picture of Children Martyred in Gaza


The French champion Paul Pogba who plays for the Italian club Juventus posted on social media a picture of Palestinian children whom the Israeli occupation killed in Gaza, under the phrase “God protects the Palestinians.”

This humanitarian position is not the first one for Pogba, as a year ago he has toured the stadium carrying the Palestinian flag after a match with Manchester United.

Today he is back to the side in favor of the Palestinian cause by publishing a post on Instagram showing a picture of Palestinian children killed in Gaza.

He also added the phrase “God protects the people of the Gaza Strip,” and he protested in his publication that the killing of Gaza’s children did not receive media coverage nor protest.

On the other hand, the EUPAC commented saying, “The behavior of the international player Pogba is a vivid example of the sincerity of the sentiments prevailing in the European continent, despite the political positions issued by the European Union during the recent Israeli aggression on Gaza.”

The EU provides a vivid example of double standards, favoring the Israeli occupation, and even covering up its crimes against humanity in occupied Palestine. Pogba’s position is highly appreciated by Palestinian people and pro-Palestine activists.
It is an occasion to invite other European players to follow Pogba in his solidarity and sympathy with the Palestinian civilians whom the Israeli occupation killed in the aggression on Gaza.

The Israeli attack targeted humans, stones, and trees in Gaza, and nothing was excluded, even the Palestinian children, who were killed by the Israeli missiles and bombs, took a large part of the death toll left by the Israeli offensive on Gaza.