Days of Palestine

Friday, March 31

Mass Protests Against Deadly Israeli Raid in Jenin

M.Y | DOP -

Many Palestinians came up to the border fence between Gaza City and the Israeli occupation, where they lit tires ablaze in protest against the Israeli raid in Jenin.

Demonstrator Uday Habib told Al Jazeera that Israel “only understands the language of force”.

“It is difficult to remain silent in the face of these crimes, and we in Gaza are calling on the resistance to respond and for the protests to escalate, even if we pay the price again,” Habib said.

“Gaza will not abandon Jenin despite the siege [on Gaza] and all the worries we suffer from here,” he said. “It is true that we are afraid of a new war, but the options are narrow for us. The occupation still continues its aggressions. Should we just keep silent?”

Palestinians in Haifa and other occupied cities in Palestine protested against the Israeli raid in Jenin.

Jordanians also protested in masses against of the Israeli aggression in the West Bank and Jerusalem.